Neil Beauglehall


Neil Beauglehall was a great Aussie battler, who came from humble beginnings. A tough but fair man, Neil wasn’t afraid of hard work and over the span of 50 years built a transport empire that ultimately allowed him to give back to others.

He was also a visionary man.

After being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which had spread to his liver, Neil knew his time was limited and wanted to put in place a legacy to help researchers find a cure to this dreaded disease.

While undergoing treatment, Neil pledged to donate from his estate to Cabrini to establish a prestigious Endowed Chair position for medical oncology research. Not bound to a particular researcher, it will ensure Cabrini will always have a future of highly esteemed leaders and brightest minds in medical oncology research.

This, he hoped, would give others the fighting chance he never had.

Cabrini Research is an Australian leader in cancer research and running cancer clinical trials that provide patients early access to the latest advancements in therapeutics. Held by the Group Director of Cabrini Research and Neil’s treating oncologist, Professor Gary Richardson OAM, the Neil Beauglehall Endowed Chair: Director Medical Oncology Research position will enable Cabrini to continue running groundbreaking research for decades to come and help save precious lives.

Prof. Richardson said it was an honour to be named holder of the appointment, an enduring tribute to the donor who helped establish it.

“Neil’s incredibly generous gift will allow Cabrini to confidently move forward with innovative cutting-edge research utilising the most advanced research technology,” said Prof. Richardson.

Prof. Richardson added that with great risk there could be great reward.

“We need to take these giant leaps in cancer research discovery if we are to make significant steps forward in finding new treatments for patients,” he said.

“Neil understood what was needed to take such a leap, he believed in us, and we will be forever grateful for his visionary thinking.”

Today, Neil's son Brent continues in his father’s footsteps helping run Bohaul Express and tells how incredibly proud he is of his father and his legacy to Cabrini.

“We’re really proud he was in a position to be able to do this,” Brent said.

“If someone survives because of his gift, it makes us even prouder. Had someone done it earlier, maybe he could have been in that position.”

Neil passed away at Cabrini in December 2020 at the age of 75.

Thank you, Neil Beauglehall. Your legacy will live on forever in cutting-edge research, better outcomes for patients and more lives saved.